Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What love looks like......

Things were not easy for these little guys in the beginning of their relationship........they are exactly one month apart.      Noah is born on January 9th and Faith is February 9th and I left to get Faith on March 9th.

I had to leave Noey to go and get Faithie (one of the hardest things ever to leave my hubby and 3 children behind, but oh so worth it) and so Noah was without me for 2 weeks, I am not sure what went through his head, although he had a lot of fun with Daddy and big bro and big sis.

And Faithie had me all to herself for 2 whole weeks in China, and while I desperately missed my family, I was very grateful for the time spent bonding with her, and only her, carrying her and feeding her and loving her, something that all 3 of my children had had years of, and she never had any of.

Then I came home and their two little worlds colided and were turned completely upside down.    All of a sudden Noah had his mom home again (2 weeks is a long time in a 2 year old's life) and he had a new sister, but not a baby who could be put down or take long naps etc, a sister his age!

And all of a sudden Faithie had a brother her age, who also wanted to be carried and needed Mommy's attention, and she had to share me and that is something she had never done....

All I can say for the first few weeks is WOW.   Only by God's grace did we survive!   Between jetlag for both of us, maybe even all 6 of us? and Noah and Faith each on one of my legs screaming "my mommy!!!",  Phew, it was exhausting!   But exhausting in a good way, because it didn't take long for them to figure out that they were really fun to play with, and I think the pictures above tell a beautiful story......they have gone from tolerating each other to really loving each other, and while there are still some moments they are really few and far between, and they are NORMAL, normal sibling/family  things.

These two little ones are a precious gift from God, and we are so so grateful for them both

Can't forget these two beauties either!    They have also had their moments of difficulty too, adjusting to time shared and other normal sibling things that come with a new addition to the family, but they are just the best big brother and sister on the planet and they truly love Noey and Faithie equally with all of their hearts!


  1. I hate when i miss ADORABLE things like this when im at school!

    Too Cute Mum!


  2. Wow u really are an inspiration Elisabeth!!...xoxox such beautiful babies and priceless pics!

  3. Your children are just beautiful. Love the photos of the little ones hugging... priceless....
    Oh, how I understand. Even though Hannah is two years older than Isabella, it was a big adjustment for her. Even now, Isabella still gets upset alot of times when I am holding Hannah. She is very possessive and still seems to feel betrayed at times when I am showing her sister affection.
    Oh, Jesus, help our babies to understand that our mama's hearts are big enough to love all of our children....
    Praying for your family my friend...
    God's healing and God's blessings...