Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Faithie!!!

This little cutie-pie turned 7 just a few weeks ago!!!!

Wow does time fly.    Faith is now 7 years old!!!

Faith is doing amazing in school, learning both English and French and mastering both.   She is learning how to read which is super fun!

 The night before her birthday Faith had a sleep over with Mommy and Daddy!  Like every year, I thought of her birth Mom.    As I watched Faithie sleeping in the dark I was thinking how it was already her birthday in China and wondering how her birth Mom was.    I am sure she was thinking of her little baby from 7 years ago too and wondering how she is doing and where she is. I prayed for her and asked the Lord to comfort her heart. 

Faith is thriving.  Growing and changing so fast.   I just finished and mailed her final progress report to China.    She has grown a foot and a half in 5 years!   

Very grateful to the Lord for allowing this little blessing into our family and for allowing me to be this spicy chicken's Mommy!

May the Lord bless you today, love, Elisabeth xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 2, 2017

More of Beautiful Haiti

Many years ago, God put the country of Haiti on my heart.       He put a very big love for the people of Haiti in my heart and I wasn't sure why but I just prayed.    I could feel His love sitting in my heart and it just felt so wonderful, it made me cry a lot.  It was SO BIG.  This love.     But I also felt some of their burden too.       The burden of many of the people of Haiti, their situation.    I began to pray that God would allow us to adopt children from Haiti.   I don't remember ever thinking of adopting before, or praying about it, but God put it on my heart and so I did.    I remember one late afternoon doing dishes at the kitchen sink and praying and asking the Lord for twins from Haiti, babies, a boy and a girl.

And now more than 10 years after that prayer, here I was standing on Haitian soil.      Kind of like a dream.        But the love that God had put in my heart had not faded.   It was so big still and now I would have the chance to give it away, to show  God's love to real people that were standing right in front of me, and not a picture in my mind.

God did not disappoint.     He filled me to the brim and to overflowing so that His love was poured out.      Oh my goodness what an amazing week we had.

My absolute favourite place in the world.     I felt so at home.

Amazing.  Beautiful.  Wonderful.   Special.   That is Haiti.    Those are the Haitian people.  Incredible.

Much love to you all, more coming soon!
Elisabeth xoxooxoxxo

Monday, November 21, 2016

To Haiti with love

Oh my goodness!    I don't even know if anyone reads this blog anymore.   I have not posted very often since bringing home our Faithie from China, which is coming up on 5 years!!!!    I have posted family updates though, and posted about trips I have gone on.      Just a few weeks ago I had a dream come true, a long awaited answer to prayer.    Many years ago, God put a huge love for the country of Haiti on my heart.     Just huge, I fell in love with the people there and really began to pray and ask God what His plans were for this country in our life.    Finally my feet touched the ground in Haiti, just 3 weeks ago.     And oh my it did not disappoint.    What a stunningly beautiful country.     What amazing, incredible, loving, wonderful, beautiful people!          I will be sharing here and posting pictures.     It was not just an adventure for me, but also my oldest son Evan's first time on a plane, first mission trip, first time seeing the ocean!         Haiti felt like home in so many ways, so many unexplainable ways.   I have not felt anything quite like that before.  

View from inside the airport, right after we first landed.    I knew that Haiti had mountains but I had no idea that there were so many.     How incredibly beautiful it is.

More coming soon!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cambodia in Pictures

In November I had the incredible privilege of visiting the beautiful people of Cambodia.

Oh my goodness what a beautiful place.

I fell in love with the country and the people.

I went on a water team with Samaritans Purse.

Many people were drinking water that looked like the photo above.    I took that photo at the first school we installed a filter at, and yes, that was their drinking source.   

As a team we put in filters in three schools and quite a few individual family homes.

It was a tremendous blessing to be a part of.

We also spent 5 days and nights camping out at a rural school.

Hoping and praying to go back one day soon.

Beautiful, beautiful many needs.

Much love to you

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finding spiritual truth while cleaning my bathroom

Someone was coming over to my house to have a coffee.

I was zipping all over the place tidying as I went.....

I talk with God at all different times during my day.....

And when I am really blessed, and mostly when I least expect it,  He talks to me.

So I was cleaning my bathroom quickly and there was a bit of dirt in the bathtub left over from a bath the night before, or maybe the night before that.

Anyway as I was scrubbing it away,  I only had time, and to be honest, I only had the energy, and/or desire,  to clean the parts that people would see immediately when they walked in the bathroom.
I didn't feel like doing a good old fashioned scrubbing to make it really sparkly and truly clean!

God spoke to me about how cleaning that bathtub, and only cleaning the parts that were right there in the open for people to see, to make it look good and not really get the whole thing done properly, well He said,   do I have parts like that on the inside of my heart?  

Parts that are dirty and ugly?

Parts that I only let him scrape the surface dirt away from?

And even worse than that....

Do I ask Him to cleanse me of them because I am concerned about them showing up on the outside and making me look bad?

Because of how they would make me look if they showed up in a comment or a hurtful word?

Or is it because I want to be more like Him.

I love my Jesus and I love to be taught by Him, even when the truths are hard to hear.

Bless you today

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

How I thank you

Thank you for saving my life

Thank you for your sacrifice

Thank you for calling my name

How I thank you

Today I was singing along to a Watoto Childrens choir cd in the car and from behind me I hear Faithie's little voice softly singing to Jesus

Thank you for saving my life

Thank you for your sacrifice

Thank you for calling my name

How I thank you


And Amen.

Thank you Father.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


God size dreams.

Mustard seed size faith.

Dreaming BIG.

And loving my Jesus all along the way........