Friday, October 19, 2012

Clothes on the line

                                                                  Clothes on the Line!

I am grateful for......hand-me-down clothes for my little Princess given by friends from the kindness of their hearts......grateful for the beautiful day that God made with the wind and sun to dry of the last warm ones we will see before the cold winter sets in here!

Most of all I am grateful for the little munchkin in my life who will be wearing these clothes!    When I was hanging these yesterday, it took me all the way back to last summer when I received her crib bedding in the mail and I was soooooo excited, I washed it right away and hung it out to dry.....and I stared at it dreaming of the day when she would be sleeping with it, and now she is here, and she is safe, and happy and healthy, and ours!

Reminds me of God's faithfulness to get orphans home to their forever families....and gives me hope for another!

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