Friday, June 29, 2012

Our sweet and Spicy Girl

So let me tell you about my girl!

She is the sweetest thing this side of heaven.   Full of love.  This little one loves big.  When she wraps her little arms around my neck she squeezes sooo tight!

Sometimes she kisses our hands, at random times, and sometimes she grabs my face and kisses me all over.

She will comfort her brother if he is crying by patting him on the head and kissing him.

She LOVES to eat!  And eats everything.  Which is such an answer to prayer.

She has a great imagination and loves to sing and dance.  She LOVES to dance!

I can hardly remember what life was like before she was here,  she is doing really well, loves her family and is a really happy little bundle and so full of life.

It was a little difficult for her in the beginning, she was used to having me all to herself and I carried her in the ergo everywhere on our trip, and then when we got home she had to share with with three other siblings!    There were quite a few squabbles with Noah on one leg and Faith on my other, each yelling "my mama" at each other, which is normal of course, they are only one month apart and are just learning to share.      Spending time on the floor where they are both getting attention is a big helper.    The Lord reminds me of this when I get too caught up in the busy-ness of the day to play.   That's where I am supposed to be right now, everything else can just wait.

It amazes me how well I know her even though we have only been together for 3 months.   Maybe its because the Lord began to stir my heart for her when I was pregnant with her brother Noah.  Her birth Mama and I were pregnant at the same time....whenever this thought comes to mind it gives my heart a squeeze.    Having 2 brothers and a sister has really helped her adapt to her new life, she just loves to play with them.    That was the one thing I think she missed from life before "gotcha day"  was playing with other kids, she had a few oppurtunities on our trip and loved to giggle and be silly.

She used to be terrrified of water, would not even put a toe into the bathtub, now, she LOVES it.   I have never seen a child have so much fun splashing and jumping and twirling in the water, she squeals with delight at the feeling and its adorable!

While in China, Faithie slept with me in the bed, she would fall asleep on my chest with her head on my shoulder, and she continued that way while home as well.   But after a few weeks here she was secure enough to fall asleep on her own, and a few weeks after that move to a crib right beside our bed.      Eventually she will share a room with her brother Noah, but not quite yet, she still wimpers at night sometimes and its good to have her at arms reach.

We missed her bday by one month!    So here she is opening her very first present, she was so excited.    A little pack of legos for big bro's bday!

Loves to horse around with her Daddy,   he likes to tickle her until she can't stand it anymore, and she loves it just as much!

Much love to all of you, will post again soon,

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  1. I had never read this post mommy and all of it is sooooooo true sweet and spicy!

    lOVE YOU!