Friday, July 13, 2012

Back to the Ergo!!!!

When we came home, I still used the ergo carrier a lot with little Faithie, but as she began to get into more of a routine and started to play more and more with her brother during the day, I used it less and less, and then not at all.    I actually posted it for sale at one point.    Then the other day I had brought it out to wash and my little monkey spotted it.    Cutest thing.   She came running up to me pointing to it and asking to go in with her dolly, she was even jumping up and down!    I thought she had totally forgotten about it.    I carried her everywhere in it on our trip and we both loved it.     So we went for a walk together, and it was exactly like before, she just snuggled right in, just the best feeling.   After a few minutes of walking and Faithie looking all around, her whole body just relaxed and I could tell she was so happy.    It has really been wonderful to get that closeness with her.   After she went to bed I decided to see if Noey wanted a ride in it too, and he loved it!   Carrying a 2 year old the regular way is great too, but for myself after a few minutes my arm starts to ache, so this works so great!

                   She just looooooves to play blocks, Faith and Noah spend a lot of time with these!

Praising God that He placed her in my heart, and then placed her in my arms.    She is such an absolute delight!!!

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