Monday, April 30, 2012

I marvel at my God

Sometimes things are so busy these days that I realize  that I am just going about my day, sometimes rushing around, without taking the time to realize and acknowledge the miracle that my daughter is.....

To thank my God and my King for all that He has done for her and through her in our lives.....

I was watching her fall asleep beside me last night, snuggled right up into my face, her soft and chubby little arm wrapped tightly around my neck, and I stopped and realized that I am just so focused on being a mom, and trying to get things right that it had been too long since I thanked Him for my miracle....

So I did, I thanked Him right then with a whispered prayer, and I am going to thank Him now, out loud  right  here on this blog!

And hope that someone reading this would be encouraged by all that HE has done for her and for us, her family who loves her so very much.

I will list all of the changes that I see in her since I gotcha day....we have been home here one month and one week, and her gotcha day was March 11th.

When she met me she was terrified....I stormed the heavens for her little heart to be comforted ....not even 24 hours later she was hugging and kissing me

When she met me, for the first night at least she would not eat or drink.....I prayed as I feel asleep with her that night, and the next morning she was gobbling the whole breakfast buffet

For the first few days she was very very afraid that food would be taken away from her, and she would hoard it in her mouth,  if I gave her an apple she would hold it for hours, even after it was finished.....but then she started sharing with me, it was the sweetest thing, the whole time we were together in China she always wanted me to have some too, and now she will take the time to chew her food before putting more in her mouth, fear is gone

For the first few weeks, she held onto me while falling asleep (which is adorable) but really tightly because she was afraid I would leave, and much of the time even while lying on me,  slowly now she is starting to fall asleep for nap time  on her own.

In the hotel if I ran a bath she would start to scream and cry and was afraid of the water, she only had 1 bath because I didnt want to frighten her, so I just spongebathed that we are home, she climbs in with me and will even splash water all over her face and just loves it

For the first 2 weeks or so she threw EVERYTHING!  Including sweet and sour sauce all over the hotel room lol!   She threw toys, food, you name it, it was she has stopped doing that

For the first 2 weeks she would pull my hair and head butt me, very hard, and then thought that was really funny, I had to set limits and boundaries because this was not acceptable, and while she fought that in the beginning, she now plays ever so gently with my hair and has stopped head-butting ( a good thing when you have two brothers and a sister at home!)

She had Mama all to herself for 2 whole weeks, and then we came home and all of a sudden there were 3 other children wanting my attention, especially little Noah who is her exact age (2),  for the first few weeks, every single time I picked him up or paid any kind of attention to her brothers and sister she would throw herself on the floor and bang her head and scream.....but when she screamed it was not just a tantrum, it was more of an emotional pain, I could hear it in her cry, and it hurt this Mama's heart so bad that she was hurting like that...and that she did not yet understand that I had enough love for all of them was hard for Noah too,  him and I were trying to reconnect after being seperated and this was hard for him and stressful.    After much prayer, this is much much better now, her screaming is much much less, she will even hold my hand now if I am holding Noah in my arms,  Praise Jesus!

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  1. Thanks for this blog entry! I know u wrote it quite a while ago, but it helps my family to understand what we may be dealing with. I'll be reading through your blog to catch up to present day. ;)