Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snuggie and Sleeping

After meeting my little wonder for the first time,   I carried her (still terrified) up to the hotel room while talking very softly to her and rocked her until she fell asleep on my shoulder (she had a long train ride to get to me that day and when I got her it was suppertime, she was exhausted too) while sucking her thumb (so adorable)

That night we had many hours of paperwork to fill out so I managed to get her into the ergo carrier where she stayed sleeping.      When she woke up she didnt cry, she started to look around, and I talked softly to her while rubbing her head.   Before leaving for the tripI had ordered a necklace from an adoption fundraiser that said "Faith" on it, inside a little map of China,  she reached up while looking right into my eyes and started very gently playing with the necklace, I was so happy! So happy that she was no longer scared!  

We stared at each other for a long time while I told her how much I love her, it was exactly like my three children when they were born, just like when a newborn stares into your eyes to know that you are their Mama, that is exactly what we did, we got to know each other without needing any words.

And after all of that amazing eye contact, she started to talk and point to the fish that were in the aquariums in the lobby of the hotel!

Jesus, my wonderful healer, creator of all things, who knows all things before they ever happen.   Jesus who handpicked this beautiful girl for our family, who knew so long ago that she would be ours.  Beautiful Saviour.

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  1. no words suffice... Welcome home little one...
    Thank You Jesus....