Monday, April 2, 2012

It's our sweet little Fluff!!!!!

Here she is!  Praise God!    Our sweet little Fluff is finally ours!  We are home from China, Mom and baby girl,  and she is amazing!

These two photos are our very first moments together......there was not much time, the orphanage director handed her to me, along with the photo album that we had sent her weeks before for her birthday and told her I was her Mama and that was it......Big, big tears rolled down her cheeks. 

Biggest tears I have ever seen, poor little one was absolutely terrified and nothing I could do would change that, for the moment she was absolutely terrified.    But God's work had already began, prayers were being said on her behalf and we were storming the heavens for her little heart......


  1. Oh Elisabeth! She is beautiful!

    Her hat is going out today. :)

  2. thank you for the update and the pictures. she is beautiful! storming the heavens indeed....praying for the transition.

  3. She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations, Elisabeth!!
    P.S. and of course, I love your shirt :)