Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And here she comes out of her shell!

Adoption Day!     First full day with little Fluff, and guess who is no longer afraid???    We were sitting together in the Civil Affairs office, Faith on my lap, and I was showing her a book with pictures of animals inside, and all of a sudden she climbs off my lap and onto the floor and starts to play and smile!    This was magical, because up until now she was very quiet and afraid, and this is less than 24 hours since we have met each other!     We went into the office to have our interview and the lady asked me why I came to China to adopt, and I said, because my daughter was here, she smiled.
Next we were off to the police station for more paperwork, and Fluff really started to play here!   She got down out of the carrier and started running all over the place!     Comes up behind me, grabs me by the cheeks and starts kissing my entire face!  People were staring, it was so amazing!


  1. She is amazing and sooo beautiful! :)

  2. Elizabeth,
    Congratulations!!! Been praying for you guys but hadn't checked back on your blog for a couple of weeks... Your daughter is just stunning! I would love to meet her some day :)