Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Faithie!!!

This little cutie-pie turned 7 just a few weeks ago!!!!

Wow does time fly.    Faith is now 7 years old!!!

Faith is doing amazing in school, learning both English and French and mastering both.   She is learning how to read which is super fun!

 The night before her birthday Faith had a sleep over with Mommy and Daddy!  Like every year, I thought of her birth Mom.    As I watched Faithie sleeping in the dark I was thinking how it was already her birthday in China and wondering how her birth Mom was.    I am sure she was thinking of her little baby from 7 years ago too and wondering how she is doing and where she is. I prayed for her and asked the Lord to comfort her heart. 

Faith is thriving.  Growing and changing so fast.   I just finished and mailed her final progress report to China.    She has grown a foot and a half in 5 years!   

Very grateful to the Lord for allowing this little blessing into our family and for allowing me to be this spicy chicken's Mommy!

May the Lord bless you today, love, Elisabeth xoxoxoxo


  1. What?!?! I didn't even recognize the girl in those pictures!! Her long hair, that face... All grown up and absolutely stunning. Happy belated birthday Faith!

  2. Thanks so much sweet friend! xoxoxo I hope that you and your beautiful Samuel are doing well!

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