Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finding spiritual truth while cleaning my bathroom

Someone was coming over to my house to have a coffee.

I was zipping all over the place tidying as I went.....

I talk with God at all different times during my day.....

And when I am really blessed, and mostly when I least expect it,  He talks to me.

So I was cleaning my bathroom quickly and there was a bit of dirt in the bathtub left over from a bath the night before, or maybe the night before that.

Anyway as I was scrubbing it away,  I only had time, and to be honest, I only had the energy, and/or desire,  to clean the parts that people would see immediately when they walked in the bathroom.
I didn't feel like doing a good old fashioned scrubbing to make it really sparkly and truly clean!

God spoke to me about how cleaning that bathtub, and only cleaning the parts that were right there in the open for people to see, to make it look good and not really get the whole thing done properly, well He said,   do I have parts like that on the inside of my heart?  

Parts that are dirty and ugly?

Parts that I only let him scrape the surface dirt away from?

And even worse than that....

Do I ask Him to cleanse me of them because I am concerned about them showing up on the outside and making me look bad?

Because of how they would make me look if they showed up in a comment or a hurtful word?

Or is it because I want to be more like Him.

I love my Jesus and I love to be taught by Him, even when the truths are hard to hear.

Bless you today

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