Monday, November 25, 2013

Faithie and her siblings

Our Jiangxi princess is doing so wonderful these days.   She is growing so well and has matured so much!    What a change my hubby and I see lately in how she is able to calm down and regulate her emotions.   Its amazing.

She LOVES her big sis and her big sis LOVES her!   Even with 10 years between them they still fight sometimes but those moments make us feel normal and they are few and far between.  What a blessing these two girls are.    So glad that they have each other.  Sisters forever!

My twins.   These two spend their whole day with Mommy and they sure keep me busy!   A good busy.   They are just adorable together, they share a room,  and have both now realized that they each have a special place in the family and there is always enough love to go around.    Gifts from God to be sure.

My boys.   So glad that these two have each other.  Brothers forever!   Noah loves when his older brother gets home from school and follows him everywhere.   Truly adorable!

All four together clowning around in the pumpkins!!!!    Our treasures!

                                                        May God bless you today!!!

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