Monday, July 15, 2013

Going to New Places

I took Faithie for a walk tonight in the ergo.   We are going away in a few weeks for a couple of days to a cabin in the woods.   Lots of stuff going on in her precious little head.....I was telling her about where we are going, Tadoussac, it's a place we have been to many times, but not yet with Faithie.

She became very worried that she would get left behind there somehow, that we would leave her on the beach and then she would never see me again.   I reassured her many times that I would never ever leave her.   Then I told her that if something happened to her God would help her.    So she asked me if God has a car to come and get her and bring her back home!

And she wanted to know if we could bring the is her favourite place to be still, and I love it too, snuggling with her in there and talking.    I take turns bringing her and Noey for walks in there.

So very precious.

Loving the quiet days of summer with my 4 treasures.   Learning to heed the Lord's push to be still and relax and enjoy.
Much love and Gods blessings to each of you

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