Monday, March 11, 2013

One year together....

 First time meeting you sweet Fluff!!!!!    One year ago today, this is what you and I were doing!   I was staring at you in complete amazement wondering if I this was really happening!   You had travelled a long journey, and were hot and tired and hungry and scared!

 And the tears started to roll down your big red cheeks, mommy felt so bad for you and I remember how big I thought you looked compared to your photos!   but part of that was all of those layers!

Sweet sweet slumber....after crying in absolute terror for 20-30minutes I put you on my shoulder where you sucked your thumb until you fell asleep, then I was able to slip the ergo carrier on and was so proud to walk around the hotel corridor with you, my beautiful sweet new baby snuggled tight to my chest.   And there you stayed for many hours while I filled out all of the adoption paperwork.

Oh sweet Faithie how mommy adores you!    I remember this like yesterday.   Happy Gotcha day beautiful girl, you are a dream come true!

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