Saturday, March 9, 2013

God is in the details....and pink paint

God is so Good!   

  I am so so grateful to be painting a room pink!!!!!    So so very grateful for who I am painting it for, and so very grateful to who gave her to us!

As I started to paint the wall I was struck with the memory of  not so long ago when we had just started on our adoption journey and had no idea who our little one was, only that she was a little girl who God had put on my heart so long ago.   

I sat in the empty corner of the room and cried and wondered and waited, and Dan assured me that in not too long from then she would be sleeping in her crib in that very corner, and now she is. 

Amazing.   How does HE do that?   How does He place a child in your heart and daily grow your love for them as you wait to see their little face?
Little Faithie was so excited when the color began to show up on the walls, and she realized it was all for her!  She sat still on the ladder away from the wet walls and watched me roll the color on, and I was filled with so much love for her and for my Jesus.  So much gratitude for allowing me to have this little one to call my own!

God loves us so much more than we could ever fathom, and oh my does He love these little treasures.   

God is in the details of our lives.  He cares about all of them.   God is in the details....and pink paint!

Praising God today for our sweetest little treasure,  one year ago at this time I was looking out the window of a plane about to descend in China and marvelling, just marvelling at how He brought me there!  


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