Friday, December 21, 2012

Treasured and Adored


A New Creation!

                        Treasured and Adored!

                   Hope and a Future!

Adoption is such a beautfiul is hard, therefore it is refining.....but so amazing and beautiful is beauty for ashes,  and joy for is redemption, it is healing, it is hope, it is the most amazing picture of God's love for us!

Sometimes when walking in the difficult parts, or when we feel like we or our child has taken one giant step forward and we are bursting with pride and joy, only to then take many many steps backwards, it can be discouraging, and the enemy loves that, he will try his best to use  it to his full advantage.   

The Lord spoke to me the other day and impressed on my heart that maybe I was putting too much focus on my sunshine's past and not enough on her future, and on who she is RIGHT NOW.   She is REDEEMED.   She is CHOSEN.   She has HOPE.  She has a FUTURE.   And I give God all the glory, because HE gives all of the grace.     She is BEAUTIFUL.   She is LOVED.  She is a DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH KING.

Today I choose PRAISE!   Praising Him for this beautiful blessing He has given us.    Praising Him that this Christmas, as we celebrate His birth,  Faithie is not alone.   She is  ORPHANED NO MORE!    She is with us, her family who loves her like crazy!     How very blessed we are because of this little treasure, once forgotten and unknown, but never forgotten nor forsaken by her Father in Heaven.

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