Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Faith

Dear sweet little Fluff,

Oh how Mommy loves you and longs to see you and hold you and kiss you.....most of these days I am busy and time passes fast, lots to do before you come home.    And God always reminds me that His timing is perfect.  He has it all worked out.   He knows the very minute when I will hold you for the first time.  

When that moment happens I am very sure the floods of tears will come and all of the emotion of waiting and hoping and praying for your sweet little self, long before you were even born, will come together and I will wrap my arms around you and hold you and praise God in heaven for the blessing of being your Mama.

Some days are long though when I am here waiting for you and you are all the way on the other side of the world in beautiful China.   

God speaks to me through the sky....not every morning, but regularly,  I look out first thing in the morning just like I did the morning He first sewed you into the fabric of my heart, and He uses the sunrise to comfort me and to make me smile and tell me you are ok, you are safely waiting for me over there and yes that I will see you very soon.

 Big celebrations for the New Year  are going on where you are now, and I wonder if you are part of them.....everything is shut down in China right now so our very last document before TA is delayed for a week or two.    But soon,  very very soon,   you will meet me and you will know that I am your Mommy forever.

Hold on sweet Faith,  Mommy is coming for you.


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