Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Seed and A Sunrise

Not so long ago, just in the beginning of January of this year, things were stormy in our house....there was a battle going on, an invisible battle......for our waiting daughter's soul...The Lord wants our waiting baby to have a loving family, wants her to know Him and satan wants to keep her an orphan...lonely, sad and unaware of the love of Jesus. It was a spiritual battle being fought for her, through prayer.   Of course Jesus already had the victory, He is victorious over all, but faith was needed for me to go on, to go on hoping for something I had not yet seen.

One particularly hard night I was crying out to God, crying out to him to change my hubby's heart....but only if it was His will, that our hearts be see the Lord put a love in my heart for orphans 3 years ago, a burning love,  a love that grew bigger and stronger and a heart that desperately wanted to love more children....children that did not yet know a Mommy and a Daddy...children I wanted to be mine.

So I begged the Lord, please if this love is from you, put it on Danny's heart too, the same love, the same desire to adopt, and if it is not then please take it away because it hurts too I continued to pray and seek the Lord,  He began to show me more and more "How could this not be from me?"   "These children are mine, they belong to me, I know them each by name"  and so the lie that satan had been telling me, that this desire to adopt was selfish of me, it was for me, I wanted these children for myself to satisfy began to crumble.  The Lord's light began to shine more and more into my heart and I began to see and really believe that He could change my husband's heart....and HE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I saw a supernatural change that can only be from Jesus working with His beautful hands, moulding and shaping someone into more of Him....less of self and more of thee, sweet Saviour.  The same hands that were shaping me.

The morning after the horrible night, I opened the curtains in the kitchen and there was this beautiful sunrise, and right then and there, the Lord whispered to my heart " Your daughter is watching the same sky, she is under the same sky" and a seed of love was planted right there, our beautiful girl somewhere in China was placed in my heart that morning. And I became a mommy again for the fourth time!

The very same day my  hubby called from work to say that he had fallen in love with our waiting daughter,and was overwhelmed with love for her!  ....Who can do this?  What human can do this?   This is a miracle of God, to place love so deep in your heart like that for someone whose face you have never seen.... Jesus had planted the same seed in his heart on the very same day.

So faithful ones....there is a big surprise coming in the next post....keep reading!   And Praise God from whom all blessings flow,  some more bracelets have sold out, thank you to the sweet ladies who ordered last night!
May God bless you!


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