Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Help is on the Way!

Not so long ago  I didn't like to ask for help......I used to think it was a burden to the person you were asking the help from, an imposition, a bother.
God has showed me different lately......He has shown me that asking for help can be a blessing to those you are asking it from, not a bother, a blessing!
We as a family have experienced a lot of joy helping others, we have been the receivers of the gift of giving, by being the givers, what a great joy to bless others!
Shoeboxes have played a huge part in this for our family, as we prepare them each year it is hard to think of something that makes us happier than putting a smile on a child's face.
So God showed me that if I feel happy to give to others then just maybe others feel happy to give to me!
Which I believe is one of the reasons why this journey to our little girl has been so amazing so far....we have been helped by others, and blessed by others.
We are totally dependent on God to bring our little girl home, completely dependent on the Lord using others to help us and bless us in our journey to her!
The Lord is the one who placed her on her hearts and He is the one who will bring her home, He has already moved mountains to get us to her and He will continue moving them until she is in our arms!
We have sold 211 bracelets so far and need to get up to 300 before we can have our dossier translated and sent to China, before we can even see a picture of our precious baby!
So, I ask for your help, please buy a bracelet or 2 or 3, and help us BRING OUR BABY HOME!!!!!!
May God Bless You!

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