Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Beginnings

Hi Everybody!

I am starting this blog because the Lord has showed me a need for it.  In obedience to Him I am writing, for his glory.  

Many times in my walk with Jesus,  I have searched on the internet for information.  Searched for someone who was going through the same thing that I am, whatever that was at the time.   And most of the time I didn't find it!
 But when I did, it was SO helpful!  So that is why I am writing this, so that maybe someone, somewhere out there will receive comfort or blessing from these words.

I am a Mom of three beautiful children and wife to an amazing hubby.    Our daughter is 10, our son is 8 and our littlest guy has just turned one!  

 I have always loved children.    Every year as a family we do shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child.   These are gift boxes for children in underdeveloped countries.   Five years ago I was given the oppurtunity to go on a week long trip to hand out these gift boxes in Mexico and my life was changed forever.  I met poverty face to face.  Children walking around in the street with nothing on their feet and barely anything covering their bodies. Ragged and dirty and in need of so much.   God touched me then and there with his love for them and I had instant love for these children I had just met.  It was difficult to leave them at the end of the distributions each day and even harder to go back to my comfy life in Canada.

That's when I really started to examine my life and how I could live it differently.....

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  1. I love your blog so far and will lift you and your family up in prayer as you wait for your new little girl. I hope His overwhelming peace and love will just flood your hearts during this journey :)