Thursday, March 27, 2014

God reveals much through His smallest size creations

Spending time with little ones is like spending time with Jesus.  

 Their innocence and honesty and tenderness is a balm for the soul.

I took this photo this morning as we were heading out the door to get some fresh air after a bit of a rebellious morning.

One of my little ones did something they are not supposed to do. 

I scooped them up and gently explained that they are not allowed to hit.

And that they would have to sit down near Mama for a few minutes and think about what they did and how to say sorry.

That did not go over well.

The heart was not willing.

The arms became folded across the chest.

The eyes glared.

And beautiful lips turned into a frown.

Mama tried several times to set next to her little one and explain again that all they had to do was say sorry, and truly mean it and their time sitting down would be finished.

That was met with more rebellion.

Finally after a long while, I saw it.

The heart softened, the face softened, the arms unfolded and turned into a big hug for Mama and for their sibling.

And right then God spoke to me and asked me  "How many times have I tried to reason with you?" 

But instead of listening to me you think you have it all figured out on your own.

God sits and waits while I fold my arms across my chest and refuse to do as He says.

And then finally....

The wonderful feeling of glorious freedom that comes from simple obedience to my Father. 

Even when He asks me to do something I think is hard.

Or something I don't think can be done.

God is faithful.

He takes us under His wings and shelters us when we don't deserve it.

Thank you little one.

God taught me yet one more thing through your sweet little self today.

I love you to the moon and back.


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  1. just read this now mama and its amazing<33 love you:)