Monday, January 27, 2014

Why I will not answer personal questions about our daughters adoption in public

Our daughter came home at 2 years of age so I am not sure of how much she understood about her past, her present and her future

I do know that she is wise beyond her years and very perceptive.   She can pick up on very small things sometimes that you wouldn't necessarily think a child her age would understand.   And I have seen her become very quiet and withdrawn when certain things are brought up in conversation.

She is now almost 4.

People are curious.  People are concerned.   I appreciate that.  I am a curious and concerned person too.


Faithie's story is hers.  And hers to know and understand first before anyone else.

As of now I will not answer  to any personal questions about our daughters adoption in front of her.  Whether it be from family, friends or strangers.   By personal I mean things like "How do you know if the birthday you celebrate with her is her real birthday?"   "How do you know if that is her real age?"  

 These may seem like harmless questions and if they are coming from the people I know, our family and friends that are in her life, I know that they mean no harm and are just curious or concerned.


There needs to be a little more sensitivity when the little one you are asking the question about it is in the same room.  That's all.     It is possible that my daughter will hear.   And I don't want her to find out details about her life from a conversation she heard in a crowded room full or people.

By Gods grace, to protect my little one,  I will find a way to answer the question depending on what it is, or totally ignore the question, depending on the situation. I am always more than happy to answer questions one on one.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to talk about adoption, some of you might even be sick of hearing about it!


There are certain conversations that should only take place in a quiet and safe space and only between a Mommy and Daddy and their little girl.

Much love to any and all who read this whether you are someone I know or someone I don't, love you just the same!

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