Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My man

My man.    Dan was a reluctant hubby at one point.   Resistant, ok hostile, to the idea of adoption.   Resistant to the idea of more kids period.  Done.   No room in the house.  No room in the food budget.  No room in the car.  DONE!  NO!  NO! NO!
It is amazing that the same thing happened with our children that we sponsored, there would always be one more little face that I would see and fall in love with and he would say no!   Then a few months later I got a card for Mother's Day with a note inside saying yes!  Yes, go and sponsor one more child.   And the joy and delight I would find in clicking on that little face would abound.

So I stopped talking about it and began to pray more.   And then one day to my complete and utter amazement he said yes!   Yes to one more.   Yes to adoption.   Yes to China.   Yes to special needs.  Yes to GOD.   Yes to GOD.   That is the most important.  Not yes to me because I wanted to add to our family.   Not yes to me because I wanted to give an orphan a forever family.  Yes to GOD because He called us.  YES YES YES!

One of my favourite things about him is that he is perfectly willing for me to write about this.  He is willing to be a "fool for Christ".    To allow people to see that in the beginning he said no, if it will bring God glory, and allow people to see the truth, which is a miracle.   The very fact that Faith is here is in so many ways a complete miracle.  He does not pretend to be perfect.   He will tell you very honestly how he struggled in the beginning when Faithie came home.   It took time to build a father/daughter relationship even though he loved her instantly.   And that is ok, that is normal, and maybe it will help someone else who needs it.

I did not have a moment where God spoke to me and told me to adopt, neither did Dan.    I asked Him many years ago to break my heart with what breaks His and this is the answer I have received, this is the fire that He has put in me, this is definetely the heart of Jesus.   To love the orphan.     It is not the same for everyone, God calls different people to different things.   But this is the answer He gave me.   A longing in my heart for a child thousands of miles away.   Only He could orchestrate that.   The surprise of our third child, a complete surprise.   And during that pregnancy and years before I was praying to be able to adopt, and as only God could do, he intertwined Noah's birth with Faith's birth, one month apart even to the date.  Faithie's birth mom and I were pregant at the same time.   Only God.

And so now I wait.  I wait again and I pray.  And I watch my Jesus work in Dan's heart.  I watch Him soften it and I pray for Him to open it up to one more daughter, our beautiful little one waiting for us in that amazing country in the far east.   Not in my timing, but in His timing, as His ways are not my ways, and His thoughts are not my thoughts.    I wait and I hope and I pray that God will allows us the miracle of adoption one more time.   To give one more child a family, one more child a mommy and a daddy who will love them to the moon and back.   So that we can make a difference to this one.   What else on this earth is of any value than to love?   To simply love, all who God puts in our path, and those we have to make a path to.  Sweet baby girl I am hanging on to the hope that I will hold you one day soon.   Hanging on the hope that yes, we will touch your soft skin and tell you that you are orphaned no more.   Hanging on to hope...........I already love you so much xoxooxoxoxoxoxo


  1. Hi! I found your blog through the original 3,000 bracelets campaign blog. I would love to talk to you more about the 3,000 bracelets idea because we are also adopting from China; I would love to use a similar idea, but I'm not sure how to make it all work. How can I get in touch with you? Thank you so much and congrats on bringing your sweet girl home!


  2. Hey there, I found this through that original blog just like Stacy who commented above me! I'd also love to get in touch because my hubby and I are wanting to adopt from Uganda, and I love this idea for fundraising! If you'd be willing to give me a few tips or connect me with the lady who did the jewels of my heart blog, that'd be fantastic! Thanks! Also, did you already sell enough braclets to bring your daughter home? Cuz I'd love to buy some to support you if not!


  3. Hi Stacy! Hi Amy! You can reach me at elisabeth.schaap@videotron.ca and I would love to help you in any way I can!

  4. I'm so excited!!!! Praying, sweet friend!!!!