Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Faith

Dear sweet little Faith Tian,

Mommy is late at night here and I can't sleep.   It is morning where you are and today is your birthday!   Today you are two!    I am here and you are there and I am wondering what you are doing.  And missing you sooo much.   These last few weeks before I meet you cannot pass by fast enough.   Every day I look at your clothes (sometimes I hug them) and wonder what size you really are?

 Wondering too how your birth Mom is today,  if today is your real birthday, if she is thinking of you and wondering how you are and where you are.    Tonight I prayed for your birth Mama Faith, I prayed that she would have peace and comfort from Jesus and I prayed that she would somehow come to know Him.   I want to thank her for you when I get to Heaven.    I love you so much and I can't believe that God would grant me the blessing of having you for my very own, can't wait to tell you all about Him.

your Mommy

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