Friday, July 29, 2011

When I am weak then I am strong

Homestudy is almost finished!  We are wrapping it up this weekend and then just have to wait for the good news and the paperwork to be forwarded to our local youth protection office for final approval.   
We are up to 307 BRACELETS SOLD!!!!!!  That is awesome and a HUGE HELP to us on this fundraising journey to our daughter.  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us!

  I have never liked to ask for help or depend on others, and I have been searching for the why to that.... is it pride? is it that I don't like to be a bother?  Yes that's it, I feel like I am being a burden in asking for help.  But the Lord has showed me that if I love to give help to other people and it blesses me to do so, then maybe it is a blessing to people when they help me?

So when I am weak or just not able to do something on my own, then the Lord is able to work, it leaves Him room to show His glory, when we cannot do something in our own strength or efforts.  This whole adoption journey so far has been that way, none of this could be happening if it was not for the Lord and the help of others, and for that I am so grateful!
God Bless You today, here are our available bracelets..... please help us Bring our Baby Home by ordering a bracelet or 2 or 3!

Each bracelet is numbered and comes with a beautiful card perfect for gift giving!

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