Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anybody know anybody who would like to buy a Beautiful ring?

Maybe you remember a little while ago I did a post on how this ring came to be in our possession?   If not let be just backtrack a little and tell you a bit of the story.....someone left this ring on our door!   Yes I am serious, someone left this beautiful ring on our doorstep all wrapped up in a beautiful package with a beautifully written letter explaining how they wanted to give us this ring to sell in order to help us pay for our adoption fees!

The person who left the ring on our doorstep made a sacrifice on behalf of our waiting little up a family heirloom, a beloved treasure,  to help us bring home our baby girl!   And when did  I  find this ring?  Just minutes after praying and asking the Lord to touch people's hearts to help us fundraise for our adoption fees!  The Lord clearly spoke to the donor of the ring and told them to give it to us!  

We know who donated the ring but they wish to remain anonymous.  Let me say that the person who donated it could have easily kept it for themselves,and been justified in doing so, they are by no means rolling in heaps of jewellery or money.  But instead chose to give sacrificially and obey the voice of the Lord.  And for this,  blessing will be poured out upon them.    This is the Love of God!  So we thank you, our secret donor, from the  bottom of our hearts for all that you have done to help us, we are truly grateful. I know that it made you very happy to do this!
With such sacrifices the Lord is well pleased

So we had it officially appraised to find out how much we could sell it for and found out the value is $4900!  It has almost 2 carats of very old diamonds, (some of which are black because they have never been cut) and is set in platinum.  The Lord brought us this ring and I believe He will bring us someone to buy it.  If we are able to sell it for close to its value, most of the next portion of our adoption fees will be paid which is a $5200 fee to the orphanage.   After that,  all that is standing between us and our precious baby is travel fees!   Can you believe it?  Maybe we will have her very very soon!

Sooooooo......if anybody out there knows someone who is looking for a ring that looks like this please let me know,  I have the official appraisal papers available and am happy to answer any questions.

God is SO good.....all the time.   He delights not only in answering our prayers, He delights in answering them in His perfect and mind blowing way!  He loves to leave us dumbfounded with His abundant love and goodness.  He sure flattened me to the floor with this one.

                                                           love to all of you

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