Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What about the older children?

So the Lord has broken my heart open again today.... and I am thanking Him for it.  He has opened my eyes to something new that I didn't see before, as only He can do, showing me a glimpse of His beautiful heart.   Older children in need of loving families, older children that are about to age out of the system never having known the love of a mommy and a daddyI was staring at a bunch of faces today and reading their profiles.....beautiful faces longing to be loved, and just crying and hoping and praying for them.  At the same time asking myself what can I do for them? Can we maybe bring home 2 at the same time? 

What stood out was the way that the children are presented....their personalities are described along with any "special need" , and on so many of the profiles I saw things like "helpful with younger children"  which is of course a wonderful thing,but  it just made me so sad and struck me so hard that any child should have to me "marketed" to people looking at them on a list, SO. VERY. SAD. 

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  1. sounds like God is working on us both in the same way! I met one young man, who just wants to be a kid! but for now his role is the big brother, wrangler of the little ones... Just praying for him and that one day he can be the little brother and have others take care of him!