Monday, May 2, 2011

God's provision

We have only been on this journey for a few short months and have been so blessed by God and through the generosity of people like you!   Such abundant blessing and we are so grateful!  A few months ago I was looking at the paper from our agency which lists the breakdown of costs for our adoption and thought to myself "where are we ever going to come up with this kind of money?"....we are a family that lives paycheck to paycheck and are on one salary as I stay home with the our children, so we have to make each dollar stretch and do not have any kind of savings....we are selling everything in our house that is not nailed down to raise money for our adoption fees, and loving every minute of it!!!!   But let me tell you how God is providing, always has provided for us, and still is, even as we look toward our 4th little monkey being added to the family soon!   

Each time I check off an amount that has been paid for our adoption,  I am amazed over and over by how God is providing, not all at once, not the full amount, but step by step,  and enough to keep going in our adoption process.....and I LOVE it this way!!!!  Why?  Because He gets all the glory!  It is God that is providing for us to BRING OUR BABY HOME!  And in His perfect timing, He knows which child will be perfect for us and when, so in the times of waiting and paperwork when nothing seems to be moving ahead, He reminds me of this, His timing is always perfect....and while we are waiting, He is moving in our hearts, moving and showing us the needs of these kids who desperately need a mommy and a daddy, stirring our hearts to welcome different "special needs" that we would not have considered before and filling us up with His love for these children and a longing to bring them home to our family where they will be loved and appreciated and needed and respected.....just for who they are.


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