Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Beautiful Girl and a Beautiful Ring

So I had mentioned that there was a surprise coming......well read on to know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!   The other day I was praying and asking God to move in people's hearts to help us out with our adoption expenses,  I was asking the Lord for financial help for our adoption, something that I hadn't really talked with Him about much yet.......I was in the car with the kids on the way home from school and I was just praying quietly in my head.  Two minutes later as we pulled into our driveway my daughter spotted something on our door....as I came up to the door I saw an envelope there with our names on it....Danny Elisabeth Isabelle Evan and Noah.....so I open the envelope and there is this letter, beautifully written to all of us encouraging us in our journey to not lose faith, that we will have our little girl....and are you ready for this??????   An absolutely stunning ring inside!  This person who wrote the letter wants us to sell this ring....which is for her a family heirloom, her grandmother's ring which she received as a gift for her 40th wedding anniversary.   So this beautiful ring was very special to this beautiful girl.....yet she chose to make a sacrifice and give it to us to help us BRING OUR BABY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

What has God been showing me lately with all of this abundant goodness?    That HE not only loves to answer our prayers....HE ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTS IN BLOWING US AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!   I think that He chuckles and smiles when He sees our reactions to these things.....my reaction, well I was flattened on the floor! 

Thank you Lord for moving in hearts to help us get to our little girl......she is HIS little girl and HE wants her to have a mommy and a daddy and brothers and sisters and a loving home and HE is moving the mountains out of the way to get us to her......will you help us too?   


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