Thursday, March 17, 2011

For this child I prayed and the Lord has given me the petition I asked of Him

Hello friends!

Thank you all SO much for your prayers and support of our journey to BRING OUR BABY HOME!   We have sold 98 bracelets so far!  THANK YOU JESUS!   Our homestudy is paid for, and some of our other paperwork as well and we are closer to our sweet little one who is waiting for us somewhere in China.   I have yet to see her face but already I love her so, she is somewhere out there waiting for her Mama, and I know that Jesus will get me to her and then she can meet her family who is waiting to welcome her!

We need prayers please, I have come to see through this process that this will be a battle we will have to fight for her, the enemy wants to keep her an orphan.  He wants to keep her lonely and without her Mommy and Daddy and brothers and sister to love her and show her the world.  But Jesus will have the victory...There are some mountains in our way, we are short for one of the financial requirements for China, so please everyone pray!  I KNOW that our Jesus is mighty to save and I KNOW that we will have our daughter.  HE will move the mountains to get her home.  

May God bless every one of you who is reading this



  1. Prayed for mountains to move!

  2. Praying for mountains to move, for Him to give you the desire of your heart.