Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whoever would like to see a miracle this blog carefully over the next few weeks.......Last night the Lord brought me to James which is one of my favourite books of the Bible.  He brought me to the part in Chapter 2 that speaks of faith without works being dead, and I just couldn't figure out why (other than it being an awesome read!) for what specific reason.....until I was filing my registration paperwork with the adoption agency and made and unsettling discovery which brought tears pouring out of my eyes.   It seems that Danny and I fall a few thousand dollars short of the annual income requirement needed to adopt from China.  Oh my, what to do!
I felt encouragement from the Lord to continue filing the paperwork as is and He will take care of this detail.  The specific verse is  James 2:17 which says:

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

So what are we to do now faced with this problem?  Are we to believe that God brought us this far and has filled our hearts up with so much love for our waiting little one in China only to be sidelined by a small financial snag?  Some may argue that this is no small miracle we are looking for here....for us to meet the requirements set by the Chinese authority we need my husband's salary to increase by $6,000 a year, that is quite the raise!  

What I am doing here is claiming our child for Jesus, right here and right now, I claim her as HIS and ultimately then, ours.  He has her picked out for us already and we know that she is waiting for us in China and we will go ahead with what we need to do.   I will not believe a lie from the enemy.  I choose right now to believe my Father's promises of good He has for those who love Him.   And so we will file our paperwork as is and wait for the miracle to happen. Thank you Father!   Please join us in prayer and share in our miracle!


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