Thursday, February 2, 2017

More of Beautiful Haiti

Many years ago, God put the country of Haiti on my heart.       He put a very big love for the people of Haiti in my heart and I wasn't sure why but I just prayed.    I could feel His love sitting in my heart and it just felt so wonderful, it made me cry a lot.  It was SO BIG.  This love.     But I also felt some of their burden too.       The burden of many of the people of Haiti, their situation.    I began to pray that God would allow us to adopt children from Haiti.   I don't remember ever thinking of adopting before, or praying about it, but God put it on my heart and so I did.    I remember one late afternoon doing dishes at the kitchen sink and praying and asking the Lord for twins from Haiti, babies, a boy and a girl.

And now more than 10 years after that prayer, here I was standing on Haitian soil.      Kind of like a dream.        But the love that God had put in my heart had not faded.   It was so big still and now I would have the chance to give it away, to show  God's love to real people that were standing right in front of me, and not a picture in my mind.

God did not disappoint.     He filled me to the brim and to overflowing so that His love was poured out.      Oh my goodness what an amazing week we had.

My absolute favourite place in the world.     I felt so at home.

Amazing.  Beautiful.  Wonderful.   Special.   That is Haiti.    Those are the Haitian people.  Incredible.

Much love to you all, more coming soon!
Elisabeth xoxooxoxxo

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