Friday, April 22, 2011

The day my Dad died

Today is Good Friday, the day that Jesus my Savior,  my Father in heaven,  gave Himself up to be crucified to save us all from our sin.  He died for you, He died for me, He died for every human, took all of our sin and ugliness and shame onto His back and hung on a cross bleeding and dying and in terrible pain....for you.  A crown of thorns pressed into His head, nails through His hands and His feet....His face marred beyond recognition....His flesh was seperated from His bone, this is how badly He was beaten, before He was nailed to the cross.......Oh how it hurts to even think about....
Jesus, my precious Savior I love you..... I love you forever.....I love you because you first loved me

This is an image from the story of the woman caught in adultery, she is about to be stoned for her sin by her fellow villagers.....until Jesus steps in.....and saves her saying to those about to stone her "whichever one of you has never sinned, cast the first stone" and one by one they all walk away.....JESUS  is.....LOVE,  MERCY, COMPASSION, HERO, SAVIOR, GREAT HIGH PRIEST, SLOW TO BECOME ANGRY,PATIENT, JUST, REDEEMER, LORD OF ALL..... If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, and are searching for something to fill your emptiness.....try Jesus, you will never be the same......He loves you like no one else


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